Breads & Rolls

Quick Breads

Banana Bread – Roberta Norton

Banana Loaf – Cheri Maupin

Banana Nut Bread – Isabel Kinney

Blueberry Bread – Judy Emmert

Dried Apricot Pumpkin Bread – Isabel Kinney

Poppy Seed Bread – Alyce Maupin

Poppy Seed Bread – Isabel Kinney

Strawberry Bread – Rosanne Trumbull

Zucchini Nut Loaf – Tom Parrent

Blueberry Toffee Cake – Dorothy Myers

Coffee Cake – Dorothy Myers

Coffee Cake – Peggy Myers

Overnight Coffee Cake – Isabel Kinney


Blueberry-Wheat Muffins – Peggy Myers

Bran Muffins – Leah Maupin

Donut Muffin – Diana Maupin

Microwave Muffins – Bonnie Myers

New England Blueberry Muffins – Rosanne Trumbull

North Campus Bran Muffins – Judy Emmert

Oatmeal Muffins – Isabel Kinney

Oat-Raisin Muffins (Sugar Free) – Peggy Myers

Raw Apple Muffins – Susan Parrent

Snickerdoodle – Isabel Kinney

Whole-Wheat Muffins – Isabel Kinney


Apple Puff Pancakes (One of Kristin’s Favorites) – Judy Emmert

Multi-Grain Pancakes – Isabel Kinney

Oatmeal Pancakes – Isabel Kinney

Whole-Wheat Pancakes – Betty Jo Maupin

Waffles – Maxine Young

Best Ever Cornbread – Judy Emmert

Cornbread – Ilda Withrow

Cornmeal Mush – Harden Young

Grandma Yensen’s Spider Cornbread – Harden Young

Mom’s Dumplings – Dorothy Myers

Yeast Breads

Raised Donuts – Dorothy Myers

Angel Biscuits – Judy Emmert

Crusty Bread Sticks – Dorothy Myers

English Muffin Bread – Peggy Myers

Mary Berry Scones – Peggy Myers

Oatmeal Bread – Bonnie Myers

Potato Flake Refrigerator Rolls – Isabel Kinney

Swedish Rye Bread – Dorothy Myers

Tupper Bread – Dorothy Myers

Wheat Bread – Robin Bloom

100% Wheat Bread with Instant Yeast – Dorothy Myers

Whole-Wheat Bread – Isabel Kinney

Yeast Rolls

Double Butterscotch Crescents – Alyce Maupin

Gooey Topping for Cinnamon Rolls (Grandma Maupin’s) – Betty Jean Maupin

Jumer’s Cinnamon Rolls – Tom Parrent

Overnight Caramel Pecan Rolls – Peggy Myers

Sour Cream Twists – Alyce Maupin