Main Dishes & Casseroles

Main Dishes

Beef Macaroni Skillet – Rosanne Trumbull

Brown Rice Pizza – Maxine Young

Chili Egg Puff – Judy Emmert

Chicken Continental – Isabel Kinney

Chicken Enchiladas – Brian Young

Chicken Pot Pie – Ashley Myers

Chicken Tortilla Salsa – Judy Emmert

Classic All-American Pizza – Isabel Kinney

Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza – Isabel Kinney

Stuffed Vegetarian Pizza – Isabel Kinney

Deep Dish Pizza Dough – Isabel Kinney

Easy Lasagna – Isabel Kinney

Elegant Rice – Judy Emmert

Enchiladas – Tom Parrent

Enchilada Cheese Bake – Tim Dunlap

5-Hour Stew – Alyce Maupin

Five-Hour Oven Stew – Isabel Kinney

Fleish-Keehla’s (Deep-Fried German Meat-Filled Pastry) – Mary Hinebauch

Green Rice – Don Young

Hamburger Chop Suey – Maxine Young

Hamburger Quiche – Dorothy Myers

Hash Brown Quick Quiche – Maxine Young

Impossible Taco Pie – Rosanne Trumbull

Impossible Quiche – Alyce Maupin

Lasagna – Maxine Young

Lasagna – Dorothy Myers

Macaroni and Cheese – Cheri Maupin

Manicotti – Peggy Myers

Marzetti – Mary Kinney

No Peep Stew – Roberta Maupin Norton

Quiche – Tammy Maupin

Quiche Lorraine – Betty Jo Maupin

Quiche Lorraine – Leah Maupin

Ready To Go Hickory Joes – Isabel Kinney

Rice Pizza (An Original) – Maxine Young

Runza Sandwich – Peggy Myers

Steve Goldman’s Chicken and Sausages – David Cherry

Soft Tortilla – Tom Parrent

Spaghetti Pie (Microwave) – Peggy Myers

Spaghetti Bake – Tom and Barbara Myers

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – Isabel Kinney

Spaghetti Sauce – Robin Bloom

Swedish Dumplings and Chicken – Isabel Kinney

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Isabel Kinney

Taco Filling – Tom Parrent

Tacos and Seasoning Mix – Betty Jean Maupin

Turkey Ham Quiche / Hash Brown Crust – Peggy Myers

Upside-Down Pizza – Susan Parrent

Upside-Down Pizza – Diana Maupin


Breakfast Casserole – Alyce Maupin

Broccoli Casserole – Susan Parrent

Chicken and Rice Casserole – Isabel Kinney

Enchilada Casserole – Diana Maupin

Hamburger Casserole – Alyce Maupin’s Mom

Hamburger Rice Stew – Maxine Young

Indian Corn Stew – Isabel Kinney

Mary’s Own Enchilada Casserole – Mary Hinebauch

Meatball Casserole – Mary Hinebauch

Mexican Cornbread Casserole – Betty Jo Maupin

Mom’s Salmon Casserole – Isabel Kinney

Savory Rice Casserole – Cheri Maupin

Seven-Layer Dish – Isabel Kinney

Tuna Casserole – Isabel Kinney

Fiesta Tamale Pie – Cheri Maupin