Soups, Salads & Vegetables


Cheese Soup – Mary Kinney

Cheese Soup – Diana Maupin

Chili – Betty Jo Maupin

Clam Chowder – Robin Bloom

Creamy Broccoli Soup – Robin Bloom

Hamburger Vegetable Soup – Melanie Young

Hearty Mexican Soup – Maxine Young

Potato Soup – Mark Kinney

Autumn Chowder – Mary Hinebauch


A Different Chicken Salad – Linda Cherry

Broccoli Salad – Linda Cherry

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad – Cheri Maupin

Broccoli Delight Salad – Dorothy Myers

Cauliflower Salad – Peggy Myers

Chicken Apple Salad – Alyce Maupin

Chicken in the Straw – Isabel Kinney

Chicken Salad with Bananas and Pineapple – Alyce Maupin

Cold Pasta with Yogurt Primavera – Betty Jo Maupin

Cucumber Swirl – Alyce Maupin

Favorite Waldorf Salad – Peggy Myers

Gro Egg Salad – Dorothy Myers

Frozen Fruit Cup – Peggy Myers

Frozen Fruit Freeze – Dorothy Myers

Frozen Fruit Salad – Dorothy Myers

Fruit Salad – Isabel Kinney

Gelatin Salad – Isabel Kinney

Grandmother’s Pea Salad – Isabel Kinney

Layered Salad – Cheri Maupin

Mandarin Orange Salad – Tom Parrent

Marshmallow Salad – Aunt Blanche Maupin

Mexi-Corn Salad – Wendy Maupin

Mixed Vegetable Salad – Isabel Kinney

Mom’s Red Top Salad – Bonnie Myers

Orange Jello Salad – Susan Parrent

Oriental Chicken Salad – Judy Emmert

Overnight Salad – Susan Parrent

Patio Corn Salad – Peggy Myers

Pineapple-Cheese Salad – Tammy Maupin Alber

Raspberry Salad – Rosanne Trumbull

Sour Cream Cole Slaw – Betty Jo Maupin

Strawberry Frozen Snowflake Salad – Peggy Myers

Strawberry Pudding Jello – Bonnie Myers

Swedish Bean Salad – Peggy Myers

Taffy Apple Salad – Peggy Myers

Vegetable Salad – Dorothy Myers

Vermicelli – Isabel Kinney

Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing – Bonnie Myers

Mom’s Cole Slaw Dressing – Isabel Kinney

Thousand Island Dressing – Bonnie Myers


Baked Beans – Alyce Maupin

Baked Potato Chips with Peels – Cheri Maupin

Carrot Casserole – Peggy Myers

Casserole Potatoes – Alyce Maupin

Chip’s Fried Taters – Chip Maupin

Copper Pennies – Isabel Kinney

Deviled Green Beans – Isabel Kinney

Dirty Potatoes – Isabel Kinney

5-Bean Casserole – Isabel Kinney

Fresh Vegetable Marinate – Isabel Kinney

Green Bean Casserole – Isabel Kinney

Lazy-Style Baked Beans – Isabel Kinney

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes – Judy Emmert

Marinated Olives and Mushrooms – Isabel Kinney

Marinated Vegetables – Roberta Maupin Norton

Micro-Vegetable Medley – Isabel Kinney

Scalloped Corn – Ilda Withrow

Sliced Cucumbers – Isabel Kinney

Sweet Potato Casserole – Barbara Myers

Vegetable Casserole – Isabel Kinney